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Help your Substitute Succeed

If you have to miss a day of school, your class must still go on.
Help your Substitute Succeed
Published: August 18, 2021

Prepare now so your substitute teacher knows what to do and where to find things. Keep essential information in a clearly marked substitute folder. Be aware of your school’s norms or requirements for preparing for a substitute.

What your substitute needs to know:

  • Your schedule of classes, including regular classes, special classes (day and time), and an alternate plan in case special classes are canceled.
  • Names and schedules of students who leave the classroom for special reasons such as medication or remedial or gifted programs.
  • Class roll, including your seating chart for regular activities and special work groups.
  • Opening activities, absentee report, procedures for reporting lunch count and other housekeeping tasks.
  • Lesson plans or where to find the plan book, including alternate plans in case the lesson depends on resources only you have.
  • Classroom rules and discipline procedures, including any district policies and notes about special cases.
  • Location of all manuals and materials to be used.
  • Procedures for use of AV materials and equipment.
  • Names and schedules of education support personnel and/or volunteers.
  • Names of students the substitute can call on for help if needed.
  • Name and location of a teacher to contact for assistance.
  • Procedures for sick or injured students, including location of nurse’s office, district policy on dispensing medication and notes on allergies or special needs.
  • Procedures for regular and early dismissal.
  • Building floor plan, including emergency drill routes and procedures.

Remember to say thank you

Substitutes are professionals, just like you, and have the same goals for students. Let your principal know when your substitute does a good job.

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