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Professional Learning

Creating Bully-Free Schools - Micro-credentials

This stack of seven micro-credentials is designed to help educators develop skills and build understandings that support a bully-free environment for our schools.

At a Glance

Educators will learn how to create a safe and bully-free environment for students.


  • Adult Learning
  • ESP Professional Growth Continuum
  • Positive School Environments
  • Student Achievement
  • Student Learning
  • Working Conditions


  • Learn how to create a bully-free environment for your students by recognizing the signs of bullying and intervening in appropriate ways.
  • Explore local, state, or federal policies as they apply to bullying in schools and use this knowledge to influence best practices in your own school.
  • Learn how to create a student-centered learning community that is supportive of all students.
Developed by:

Arizona Education Association

Last Updated: October 1, 2022


Session Length

Approx. 15 hours per micro-credential

Session Format


Individual micro-credential topics include: 

  • Creating Bully-Free Environments within Structured Settings
  • Cyberbullying/Cyber Safety
  • Education Support Professionals: First Responders
  • Empowering Students to Find their Voices
  • Federal, State, and Local Policy Related to Bullying
  • Intervention Strategies for Educations
  • School Connectedness

AEA Micro-credentials are offered at no cost to AEA members. Non-members will be charged a $125 scoring fee per micro-credential at the time of submission. View the full list of available AEA micro-credentials.

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