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Together, We Can Achieve Professional Pay & Respect

AEA helps build collective action for competitive pay, health benefits, and retirement security so we can attract and retain the best educators for our students. We also advocate for your voice to be heard in the decision-making process about your job and workplace.

Arizona is facing a historic teacher shortage now in its fifth year. While low pay is a significant factor, lack of respect for the profession is also one of the reasons for educator attrition rates.

Unfortunately, our state's leaders have passed policy and legislation that have only exacerbated the problem by "de-professionalizing" educators and lowering the bar for who qualifies to educate and care for our students. AEA advocates to elevate your voice and ensure educators are included in discussions affecting your profession and the work you do.



Keeping the Promise of Quality Public Education

With more than 20,000 members, the Arizona Education Association (AEA) is the largest professional association for public school employees in Arizona. AEA members are teachers, community college professors, counselors, speech pathologists, bus drivers, secretaries, retired educators and student teachers and they belong to more than 150 local affiliates across Arizona.