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On July 2, 2020, 435,669 signatures were filed with the Arizona Secretary of State to place the Invest in Education ballot initiative on the November 2020 ballot.
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Published: 07/27/2021

The Invest in Education citizen’s initiative will make sure everyone pays their fair share so that Arizona students have the schools they deserve. This initiative will voter protect $940 million new dollars for public education funding. This permanent and sustainable revenue will be used for teacher salary increases, reducing class size, and making sure students have access to nurses, counselors, and other support staff who are critical to student success.

The Invest in Education Act coalition includes AEA together with Stand for Children AZ, Children’s Action Alliance, the Arizona Center for Economic Progress, and Arizona Interfaith Network.

Arizona has one of the worst teacher shortages and some of the largest class sizes in the nation. This measure will enable us to provide meaningful pay raises for teachers, classroom aides, and other student support staff.  This will also enable schools to hire more counselors, school nurses, and other staff who keep students healthy and safe. Investing in public education now is especially important so school staff and administrators can help students recover the learning losses caused by the COVID-19 crisis.

AEA members and education supporters showed their commitment and willingness to step up and take action, despite facing the challenges and obstacles of a global pandemic.

We must continue the work to get the Invest in Education Act passed in November. We need to tell the story of our students and schools and the reality in which we live and work. We need to describe what the resources brought by this education funding initiative would mean: lower class sizes, competitive salaries, a nurse in every school. In short, better schools for every student, in every community, in this state.

Learn more about the Invest in Education Act and how you can help support our efforts at

Student success is about their future. And ours.

Each and every student deserves a quality public education. AEA is bringing together our members and community leaders across the state to ensure all students have the resources they need to fulfill their potential and their dreams.
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