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Legal Services

The Association trains leaders at schools and work sites in ways to ensure employees are treated fairly. Our members also benefit from AEA’s attorneys, who are experts in employment and school law.  In addition to the assistance AEA offers to members and local associations with information, strategy, and leadership development in advocacy and bargaining rights, the Association provides these services to protect you:

  • Advocacy Help Desk – Get fast, easy, and expert answers to your questions about employment concerns online at or call toll-free, 877-828-1983.
  • Legal Defense Fund – If you face dismissal from your job or revocation of your certificate, AEA will assign an attorney to defend you through this fund supported by AEA and NEA member dues.
  • Educators Employment Liability Program – This $1 million professional liability insurance policy covers you if a parent or student sues you for something that occurs while you are “on the job.”
  • Attorney Referral Program – Two free 30-minute legal consultations each year for personal legal problems and 30 percent off for continued visits.
  • Legal Publications – Access to members-only booklets online on several topics, including reporting misconduct, free speech, employment discrimination, employee rights for teachers, interpreting policies, child abuse, and requesting public records.



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