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Stop Teacher Gag Bill

SB1412 is another bill introduced at the last minute. AEA has killed versions of this teacher gag bill several times this session. This bill would censor teachers from teaching honest, complete facts about historical events like slavery and civil rights.
censored teacher

Take Action

Tell legislators to oppose teacher gag bill SB1412

Teachers are trained and experienced in education and have a duty to set their students up to be successful contributors to society. But now politicians want to limit what history our kids can learn about and what books they can read. They want to arrest and fine teachers who provide historical facts about our history.

Parents and teachers want to give kids the best education they can. They want kids to learn and grow. A great public school education includes a rich and diverse curriculum. All Arizonan children should receive a fact-based education that doesn't change depending on their zip code. We should trust educators and parents—not politicians—to ensure our kids get the best education possible.