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Stop the Corporate Takeover of Public Schools

This legislation was mentioned in our last update as a Koch-sponsored bill that rewrites our public education funding formula. SB1269 is being introduced as a strike-everything amendment, at the last moment, without going through the usual legislative vetting process, and without any input from the education committee.
school takeover

Take Action

Tell legislators to stop the corporate takeover of our schools and vote no on SB1269 striker

If passed, SB1269 will:

  • Repeal the Teacher Experience Index (TEI) and Additional Teacher Compensation (ATC) formulas;
  • Increase Base Level by an additional 2.5% above inflation ($109.77);
  • Convert Results-Based Funding (RBF) into a funding weight,
  • Phase out the Transportation Revenue Control Limit (TRCL) over 5 years;
  • Establish the State Student Funding Formula (SSFF) consisting of:
    • Base Support Level,
    • State Additional Assistance, and
    • Transportation Assistance.
  • Allows school districts to opt into SSFF with voter approval.
  • SSFF Districts will gain access to new school facilities funding, increased transportation support level by $343M, and their Qualifying Tax Rate (QTR) set at specific rate.
  • SSFF Districts lose access to:
  • supplies, updated textbooks, and technology.
    • Bonds,
    • Overrides,
    • Desegregation money,
    • Small School Adjustment,
    • TRCL,
    • Adjacent ways,
    • Increased base level for lost tuition,
    • School Facilities Board (SFB) funding, and
    • District Additional Assistance (DAA).

Read the fiscal analysis from the Joint Legislative Budget Committee.

This bill is a shell game where students lose and corporate sponsors win. The main problem with the funding formula in Arizona is that there isn’t enough revenue. Arizona leaders have been cutting corporate taxes and underfunding our schools for decades resulting in Arizona being near the bottom in per-student spending and a severe teacher shortage.