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A Simple Solution

Tell lawmakers to use the $5.3 billion budget surplus to address the teacher shortage and support Arizona voters' priorities.
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Email your elected officials and ask them to support a budget that supports these priorities without bargaining funds for tax cuts and another private education system for the wealthy.

With such a large budget surplus and voters saying over and over they want to invest in our schools, the solution seems simple to us: fund our schools. Our students need resources to be successful, our schools need repairs, and our state needs to address the severe teacher shortage. Help legislators see that the simplest solution to the budget is the best one. Email your elected officials to use the budget surplus to meet the needs of our students and the priorities of Arizona voters.

If lawmakers are serious about student success, then it’s time they came up with serious solutions. The INVESTinED coalition worked on a formula for distribution amounts to build and support a pipeline of educators to address the shortages in our schools. The budget surplus is $5.3 billion. This is more than what Prop 208 would have brought in for schools and can be used to fund:

  • Competitive pay for teachers, classroom support personnel, and student support services personnel;
  • Mentoring and retention programs for new classroom teachers;
  • Career & Technical Education (CTE) and vocational training programs; and
  • Increasing scholarship amounts for future teachers.

Funding these priorities will demonstrate the value Arizona has for our educators and can be accomplished with the surplus. Year after year, voters have said they support investing in public education, and they do not support tax cuts for the wealthy or private school vouchers. It's time for a state budget that values educators and Arizona voters' priorities.