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Call and Ask Lawmakers to Support the Educators' Budget

Arizona has a budget surplus of $5.3 billion. The state has been underfunding our schools for decades and is facing a severe teacher shortage crisis. If we’re serious about getting every child the support they need to thrive, our elected leaders across the state need to address the educator shortage crisis now.
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Enter a phone number for us to call you. You will receive an automated call from a D.C. area code. You will hear a message with suggested script to leave for your legislators. Then press * to be connected to their office. If you are connected to an answering service or assistant, be sure to leave a message.

Here is the suggested text for your phone call:

Arizona has a budget surplus of $5.3 billion. It’s time for a state budget that values educators and Arizona voters’ priorities.

I urge you to support the Educators Budget at