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Welcome to the AEA Legislative Action Center. Current legislative action alerts are below. Use the links to the left to check on bills and subscribe to the AEA Legislative Update weekly e-newsletter.

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When the Voters Speak, the Legislature Should Listen 

In 2016, 58% of Arizonans voted to increase the state's minimum wage through Proposition 206. Now, the legislature wants to ignore the will of the voters and make the minimum wage lower for some workers, those who are under age 22 and in school. Their proposal isn't just discriminatory against young people. It's also unconstitutional -- meaning that if it passes, the state will have to defend it against a series of lawsuits that will drag on for years and cost taxpayers money. 

Call your state senator now at 602-560-0666 and tell them to respect the will of the voters by voting NO on HB2523!  It couldn't be easier - just call 602-560-0666. You'll hear a script telling you what to say, then be connected. 

Please spread the word widely, and ask your friends and family to call, too. Just a few calls from constituents can make all the difference to how your legislator votes!



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