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AEA Responds to Attack on Teachers

Phoenix, AZ – February 3, 2017 – The Arizona Education Association (AEA) condemns the disrespectful comments made by Arizona Chamber of Commerce President Glenn Hamer calling teachers “crybabies” for asking for a raise when Arizona teacher salaries rank dead last in the nation.

“It’s these kinds of attacks and lack of respect for teachers in the classroom that is demoralizing teachers and driving them out of this state,” says Joe Thomas, president of the Arizona Education Association. “I find it hard to believe that the business community feels the way Glenn does about the men and women educating our state’s future workforce.”

Hamer’s comment was reported in the Yellow Sheet yesterday in response to AEA’s support of the minimum wage increase initiative: “It’s amazing to me that the teachers unions are out there like a bunch of crybabies screaming about the difficulty of getting additional pay to teachers.”

“AEA proudly supported Proposition 206 because lifting the wages of working families and providing them with sick leave is the right thing to do and as the election showed, the majority of Arizona voters feel the same way,” says Thomas

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