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Arizona Voters Support Increased Funding for Schools

Phoenix, AZ – May 19, 2016 – The passage of Prop 123 is a huge win for the students, teachers, education support professionals, parents, and anyone who cares about public education in Arizona.

“Arizona voters have taken the first step toward changing our course for public education in Arizona,” says AEA President Andrew F. Morrill. “Now we need to make education funding a top priority here in Arizona and work on the next steps towards increasing and stabilizing funding for public education so our children go to school in clean classrooms with up to date textbooks and technology and small class sizes.”

Our children are our future. Education advocates must continue to put public pressure on our politicians to recognize that and plan for the future by strengthening our public schools by supporting legislative candidates who commit to more short-term and long-term funding for public schools to fill the gaps left after Prop 123. AEA will continue to hold our elected officials accountable for increasing investments in public schools beyond inflation.

AEA and the Prop 123GO Coalition will continue to work together on a long-term revenue plan for education funding. The coalition will provide more information at the press conference scheduled for Monday at 10 am.

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