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Protect Student Health and Safety

Arizona educators are disappointed to see the state continue to shortchange our students at a time when it is raising expectations and our schools are facing a teacher shortage crisis. Governor Doug Ducey’s budget proposal hides cuts to our schools behind empty rhetoric of "putting more money in the classroom," putting our students' health and safety at risk. Read AEA's analysis of the governor's budget.  

Governor Ducey's Budget Shortchanges Kids TAKE ACTION! 
The budget fails to fund the base level at the amount Judge Cooper ordered the state to reset the level last summer (read more about AEA’s education funding lawsuit), shorting our students $196 million, not including the over $1 billion in back pay the state still owes. 

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Governor Ducey's Budget Hides Cuts to Kids Behind #nonclassroomexpenses #myschool
The budget cuts $352.5 million in district additional assistance (classroom materials, technology, and capital funding); over 80% from this formula. The governor mandates these cuts be made in "non-classroom" spending. Arizona spends 10% on administrative costs, which is lower than the national average. The majority of this money goes to people like nurses, security officers, counselors, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, and crossing guards, who dedicate themselves to the welfare of our children. Arizona has some of the highest support service costs in the nation because we serve a high-poverty population. Without these services, the students who need them the most will become most at risk to decline academically.

See how cuts will affect your school district:

Apache Junction $600,000

Buckeye Elementary - $634,500

Chandler - $6 million

Flagstaff - $1 million

Madison Elementary - $2 million

Mesa | video - $8.5 million

Paradise Valley | video $4.1 million

Peoria | video - $3-5 million

Tucson - $6 million

Governor Ducey's Budget Prioritizes Prisons Over Schools
The budget increases spending by more than $100 million for more prison beds over the next three years. 12News Reporter Brahm Resnik points out that private prisons contributed $400,000 to Doug Ducey's election campaign. Arizona must end these kinds of school-to-prison pipeline budget priorities. Read about this disturbing trend and the policy strategies private prisons use to incarcerate and profit from our children. If Arizona does not reverse this trend, our state could be the next "Kids for Cash" headline like the 2009 scandal in Pennsylvania involving judges receiving kickbacks for increasing the number of youth incarcerated.

Governor Ducey's Budget Protects Corporate Welfare Giveaways
The budget will drain $267 million in taxpayers' money to corporations by not repealing or $200 million by not delaying upcoming corporate welfare giveaways. According to the Children's Action Alliance, three out of four Arizona corporations only owed the $50 minimum tax liability in 2011.

Do not let this budget distract Arizonans from the real issue – our state's failure to meet its obligation to adequately fund our students’ education. Take action and urge Arizona legislators today and ask them to work on a bipartisan budget that prioritizes kids over crooks.

  1. Email your legislators to support schools over prisons and protect student health and safety
  2. Ask a friend to contact legislators.
  3. Call your legislators to support schools over prisons and protect student health and safety.
  4. Ask a friend to call legislators.
  5. Send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. If your letter gets printed, let us know.
  6. Sign up for AEA's Legislative Update or send the link to others.
  7. Join your voice with the thousands of others who are Keeping the Promise of Quality Public Education for every child in Arizona and join the AEA today or ask a colleague to join.

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How the School-To-Prison Pipeline Ruins Lives Before They Start:

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Listen to AEA President Andrew Morrill’s explanation of the impact on our students from these budget cuts. 

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