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AEA Statement on Repeal of HB2305

February 28, 2104 – Thousands of Arizona Education Association (AEA) members participated in the signature gathering process to protect the integrity of a citizens’ right to vote.  As an organization of educators, the AEA believes that voting is a sacred right.

House Bill 2305, which passed during the 2013 legislative session, made it a crime for volunteers to collect and drop off ballots at the polls; removed voters from the permanent early voting list; and kept third parties off the ballot. The AEA and an unprecedented coalition of organizations came together to refer House Bill 2305’s provisions to the voters this November.

Now that the law has been repealed by the Arizona Legislature and Governor Brewer, we expect that the will of the voters will be upheld and there won’t be an end run to re-pass any form of the bill this session.  The AEA calls on the House and Senate Leadership to pledge they will not make a move to silence Arizona voters.

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