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National Board Certification in Arizona

National Board Certification in Arizona

Arizona's Corps of Accomplished Teachers Grows
This past December, more than 4,000 teachers nationwide learned the exciting news that they have achieved National Board Certification, demonstrating the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully prepare students for 21st century careers. Arizona added 84 National Board Certified teachers (NBCT). Congratulations to the AEA members listed below for achieving National Board Certification in 2018:

Elizabeth Bruggeman, Amphitheater School District
Kim Dickinson, Amphitheater School District
Mercedes Pemberton-Negrete, Amphitheater School District
Sarah Booth, Balsz Elem School District
Joshua Meibos, Balsz Elem School District
Sarah Simpson, Balsz Elem School District
Heidi Strate, Balsz Elem School District
Kimberley Bussey, Cartwright School District
Christina Snyder, Cartwright School District
Kelly Graham, Cartwright School District
Christine Huguley, Cave Creek Unified Sch District
Deanna Pipitone, Cave Creek Unified Sch District
Yi Chen, Chandler Unif School District
Jolene Gallup, Chandler Unif School District
Carolyn McCleary, Chandler Unif School District
Tracy Silva, Chandler Unif School District
Jacqueline Van Epps, Chandler Unif School District
Julie Letofsky, Chandler Unif School District
Elisabeth Borchers, Deer Valley Unified SD
Alexis Laduca, Deer Valley Unified SD
Melissa Daub, Dysart Unified School District
Melynda Martin, Dysart Unified School District
Mollie Fussell, Dysart Unified School District
Catherine Maloney, Dysart Unified School District
Gretchen Younghans, Flagstaff Unified Sch District
Beth Sanborn, Flagstaff Unified Sch District
Yvonne Parent, Flagstaff Unified Sch District
Karen Daly, Flowing Wells USD
Jessica Howell, Flowing Wells USD
Danielle Van Derlaske, Flowing Wells USD
Benjamin Sullens, Fowler Elem School District
Tara Dale, Gilbert Unified Sch District
Laura Sample, Gilbert Unified Sch District
Rachel Stafford, Gilbert Unified Sch District
Jennifer Walp, Glendale Union HSD
Linda Bawiec, Higley Unified School District
Nancy Foote, Higley Unified School District
Robert Martz, Kyrene Elem School District
Michele Mccuen, Kyrene Elem School District
Laura Motush, Kyrene Elem School District
Rebecca Cryder, Mesa Unified School District
Rachel Dechristina, Mesa Unified School District
Linda Barnett, Osborn School District
Lisa Buccigrosse, Ottawa University
Melissa Bracamonte, Paradise Valley Unif SD
Kristina Kroener, Paradise Valley Unif SD
Roseanna Martinez, Paradise Valley Unif SD
Jennifer Stults, Paradise Valley Unif SD
Susan Grim, Paradise Valley Unif SD
Melissa Girmscheid, Peoria Unified Sch District
Jan Ogino, Peoria Unified Sch District
Marisa Punchios, Phoenix Elem School District
Scott Black, Phoenix Union High SD
Miriam Goldie, Phoenix Union High SD
Joann Martin, Phoenix Union High SD
Torunn Randich, Phoenix Union High SD
Erica Scrivner, Phoenix Union High SD
Dayna Burke, Sahuarita Unif School District
Jennifer Antrim, Scottsdale Unif Sch District
Bonnie Bezon, Scottsdale Unif Sch District
Jennifer Dukelow, Scottsdale Unif Sch District
Patricia Malley, Scottsdale Unif Sch District
Michelle Peacock, Scottsdale Unif Sch District
Heather Robinson, Scottsdale Unif Sch District
Albert Te Velde, Scottsdale Unif Sch District
Megan Kraatz, Scottsdale Unif Sch District
Jennifer Maccoll, Scottsdale Unif Sch District
Alicia Majercin, Scottsdale Unif Sch District
Brenda Nelson, Scottsdale Unif Sch District
Donna Sheber, Scottsdale Unif Sch District
Daniel Dong, Sunnyside Unified Sch District
Mary Ann Jester, Sunnyside Unified Sch District
Andrea Pina, Sunnyside Unified Sch District
Valerie Toala, Sunnyside Unified Sch District
Jenniffer Valentine, Sunnyside Unified Sch District
April Hartman, Tucson Unified School District
Jacquline Stensel, Tucson Unified School District
Christine Erickson, Tucson Unified School District
Briana Gryzynger, Tucson Unified School District
Joann Lee, Tucson Unified School District
Marguerite Samples, Tucson Unified School District
Sandra Trevino, Univ of Arizona South
Kari Abraham, Washington Elem Sch District
Makiko Wojcicki, Wilson Elem School District

If you are interested in exploring the 5 Core Propositions that are part of the body of knowledge for National Board Certification you can: 
1) Download a pdf of the What Teachers Should Know and Be Able to Do and/or
2) To pursue NBC in Arizona, AEA recommends the program support provided through the AZ K-12 Center.

National Board Certification Financing
Through Arizona’s Master Teacher Program, funding is available for a limited number of scholarships for teachers to pursue National Board Certification. For more information, visit the Arizona K12 Center’s website.

The AEA Teacher Development Fund offers scholarships to teaching professionals who pursue National Board Certification, the highest professional achievement in teaching. Download the application.

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