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Senate Appropriations Committee Budget Analysis, May 15, 2013

Overview of some of the “big” education items passed in the Senate Appropriations Committee on May 15:
General appropriations bill – SB1483
K-12 budget reconciliation bill (BRB) – SB1487

Update May 17, 2013: Many amendments were adopted to the original budget. Read summary of major amendments. Read final budget passed by Senate.

Below is the chart AEA put together that tallies the cuts to soft capital and CORL since FY2009.  For citation purposes, you can find the info in the JLBC baseline budget book. Here is the data:


FY2009  FY2010 FY2011 FY2012

FY2013 (current 2012-2013 school year) 

 Soft Capital reduction ($21 million) ($144 million) ($165.1 million) ($188.1 million) ($158.1 million)
 CORL reduction       ($98.8 million) ($80.9 million)
          $239 million total cut in current budget

Below are examples of district cuts for the CORL and soft capital reductions. 

  CORL Cut Total  Soft Capital Cut Total  Overall Reduction Total 
Dysart Unified   2,231,302  4,345,167  6,576,469
 Flagstaff Unified  850,522  1,656,281  2,506,803
 Madison Elementary  474,812  1,063,544  1,538,356
 Mesa Unified  5,987,530  11,552,155  17,539,685
 Paradise Valley Unified  2,993,927  5,830,279  8,824,206
 Phoenix Union  2,416,081  4,705,000  7,121,081
 Vail Unified  835,240  1,626,520  2,461,760
 Tucson Unified  4,528,202  8,818,078  13,346,280
 Yuma Union  1,031,058  2,007,849  3,038,907

These cuts are in place for the current school year (2012-2013).



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