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Arizona College and Career Ready Standards Resources

AEA supports the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards and believes that the promise of these higher standards will only be realized if the state gets the implementation right. Read AEA's position on Common Core.

This page includes information, tools, and resources that will help to:
1. Increase your knowledge of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), known as the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards (AzCCRS) in our state.
2. Give ideas about what and how to teach content indicated in the CCSS for Mathematics and English Language Arts


The CCSS are not a curriculum. Standards are statements of the knowledge and skills that students need to master to be prepared for college and/or the workforce. Curriculum is the roadmap that teachers use to help young people acquire and master those skills. Depending upon the individual needs and learning styles of their students, teachers then develop instructional strategies and techniques to navigate the roadmap.

NEA Resources on Common Core State Standards:

Resources for Understanding the Common Core State Standards:

Common Core Myths vs. Facts

Preparing for the Common Core:
A description of the four major hurdles associated with the implementation of the CCSS.

Common Core Standards: Will it make a difference for our military-connected students?
“K-12 Core Curriculum Standards: Why are they the same, only different?”

School Time Analysis Tool (STAT)
The School Time Analysis Tool (STAT) is a Web-based application hosted by the National Center on Time & Learning to assist schools better understand how they are currently using time across a typical week and school year. The STAT asks schools to identify their use of time in three broad categories: Academic, Noncore Academic, and Other. (Free registration)

Exclusive Online-Only Special Report from Education Week on Common Core Instructional Opportunities:

Arizona College and Career Ready Standards Facebook page 

One key to navigating the roadmap is to understand the shifts required by the CCSS. There are three primary shifts for ELA/literacy and three for mathematics as follows:
1. Building knowledge through content-rich nonfiction
2. Reading, writing, and speaking grounded in evidence from text, both literary and informational
3. Regular practice with complex text and its academic language

1. Focus strongly where the Standards focus
2. Coherence: Think across grades, and link to major topics within grades
3. Rigor: In major topics pursue conceptual understanding, procedural skill and fluency, and application with equal intensity
Description of Common Core Shifts for English Language Arts/Literacy and Mathematics:




An Example of a Local CCSS Systems Implementation Plan Template
Description: Each local education agency (LEA) should develop its own local plan for CCSS systems implementation based on local needs and resources. This document is an example of California’s efforts to develop local plans. This document includes a template organized around the significant milestones of CCSS systems implementation. The template denotes full implementation of CCSS systems by the 2014-2015 school year. LEAs may wish to augment their local plans with elements from the Suggestions and Opportunities for LEAs charts distributed throughout the document or delete elements as appropriate to create a plan that is tailored to local needs.

Instructional Evidence Guides for Common Core State Standards
The Instructional Practice Evidence Guides are tools for observing the effective integration of the Common Core State Standards for English language arts (ELA) /literacy and mathematics into instructional practice. These tools are intended for use by teachers, coaches and instructional leaders to support the development of Common Core State Standards aligned instructional practice.


Elementary School


Sample Lessons


Middle School


Sample Lessons


High School


Sample Lessons


Exemplars for Other Disciplines

Social Studies
This is the America Achieves Web site. You must register to access information. Registration is free.

Common Core Standards for Science are in development. The English language arts standards address science in the Science, Social Studies and Technical Subjects Appendix (pdf download…see below) and how they integrate reading, writing and listening into the subject areas. Essentially, in elementary school, the English language arts course work is considered a shared responsibility among all the subject areas; any lesson in science should also include an ELA component.

Physical Education
Description: How can each content area show its connection to literacy?
Physical educators are challenged to rethink how and what they typically teach. The PE curriculum is 20 years old and must be revised to show the connection to literacy.

The Arts and the Common Core Curriculum Mapping Project
Description: Because the CCSS promotes the importance of all students studying the arts, this section highlights places where ELA instruction can be enhanced by connecting a genre or particular text, or a theme of a unit, to works of art, music, or film. For example, students can study self-portraiture when they encounter memoirs. Students might compare a novel, story, or play to its film or musical rendition. Where a particular period of literature or the literature of a particular region or country is addressed, works of art from that period or country may also be examined. In each case, connections are made to the Standards in the CCSS themselves. (Membership is required to access this site.)


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