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SB1444 Performance-Based Funding

Governor Brewer’s Performance-Based Funding Proposal
SB1444 schools; performance funding

Sponsor: Senator Yee



All school districts and charter schools have the opportunity to earn funding if they achieve more than 100 points (a grade of C or higher) or improve their score.

There are two different payouts for achievement and improvement.  Both have a maximum per-pupil payout of $500 once fully implemented.

The funding for this program will be part of the school finance formula and paid for with new dollars appropriated to the state’s general fund ($36.2 million) and also with dollars reallocated from the existing formula ($18.1 million). 

AEA position: OPPOSE
Arizona’s current K-12 funding structure has been significantly reduced over the past five years.  This has forced our schools to make tough choices and live on a very lean budget.  Governor Brewer’s plan, though providing some new dollars, will also take 5% of the current funding formula and “reallocate” it to a winner/loser performance funding system.   Our schools cannot afford to operate on even less dollars.

Dr. David Garcia (Associate Professor at the ASU Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College) and Dr. Anabel Aportela (Director of Research and Evaluation at the Center for Student Achievement) presented an Independent Analysis of the Potential Impact of SB1444 (Performance Funding) on Arizona Students on February 20, 2013, concluding that for most students, performance funding favors wealthier school districts and poorer school districts have a disadvantage in Achievement Funding, no advantage or disadvantage in Improvement Funding, and a disadvantage in Total Performance Funding. 

Check out the Governor’s online tool to calculate the performance pay dollars at your school district. 

Comparison of four school districts—ranked A, B, C and D—if SB1444 becomes law.  This analysis if for dollars for the first year of implementation only.  The proposal is for five years of funding (with the state General Fund kicking in $2 additional dollars for every $1 that is “reallocated” amongst current funding for school districts and charter schools).

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