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Arizona Educators Call on Parker to Stop Partisan Games

Arizona Educators Call on Parker to Stop Partisan Games, Put Arizona Kids First

In a recent local TV interview, Congressional District Nine Candidate Vernon Parker struggled to defend his stance on “getting rid of the Department of Education.”

In the Sunday morning political program, Sunday Square Off, host Brahm Resnik asked Parker to explain his comments from a May 22nd meeting with the East Valley Tea Party.  Resnik cited that Congressional District Nine was a unique beneficiary of the DoE's programs, having the largest state university in Arizona and community colleges within its boundaries. Parker struggled for 3 minutes without providing a clear answer to back up his statement.

According to the National Education Association, eliminating the Department of Education would mean a loss of $1.9 billion for Arizona colleges like ASU and Mesa Community.

This statement can be attributed to Arizona Education Association President Andrew F. Morrill:

“Educators and students in Arizona’s public schools need serious commitment, investments that bring critical resources and materials – including computers and technology – to our classrooms, and policymakers who respect the professionalism of those who educate our students.  We need to prepare our students – all students – to compete in a changing world on a global plane. 

We don't need more extremist positions that offer nothing and remove attention from the critical challenges in our schools.

Vernon Parker's latest statement demonstrates no understanding of educator or student needs.  Parker's agenda would further diminish the investment in our students and schools, robbing them of access to their own futures.  Kyrsten Sinema has worked in our public schools and understands how to shape policies that will foster student success.”

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