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Quality Education and Jobs Act

AEA Supports the Quality Education and Jobs Act
The time to strengthen our schools is now.  The Quality Education and Jobs Act is a ballot initiative developed by a coalition of public education supporters, including the Arizona Education Association.  It will strengthen Arizona’s economy, create jobs, and encourage success in the classroom. 

The Quality Education Jobs Act

  1. Creates a minimum funding level that cannot be reduced by the legislature, and provides inflation funding to both the K-12 funding formula and transportation costs.
  2. Invests directly in our classrooms, allowing for reductions in class sizes, replacing aging infrastructures, installing state-of-the-art improvements and retaining high-quality teachers with competitive pay and benefits.
  3. Improves career and technical education in high schools and colleges, ensuring that Arizona has thousands of highly-trained workers ready to enter the workforce.
  4. Restores funding for KidsCare, ensuring that children from lower-income families will no longer come to school hungry and unable to learn.
  5. Creates new jobs by protecting state road funds for local communities, stopping legislative raids so that cities and towns don’t have to divert funds away from police and fire stations to fund costly repairs.

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