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Professional Development

NEA Micro-Credentials

NEA offers over 100 micro-credentials to educators free of charge. Micro-credentials are a competency based recognition that can be issued for formal and informal professional learning experiences to support educators developing skills and acquiring knowledge to improve classroom practices that support student success. 

Professional Learning Board

The PLB team of experts delivers research-based, relevant, effective, respectful, cost-effective and timely professional development created by teachers, for teachers. In alignment with accomplished teaching practices, PLB constantly assesses and adjusts practices, continually improving products and services. Decisions and changes are driven by listening to, working with and learning from teachers.

NEA ESP Webinars

NEA ESP Quality Department in the Center of Great Public Schools, in collaboration with various professionals in the education workforce, have created a wide variety of professional development webinars designed to support the professional growth of Education Support Professionals (ESP).

AEA Offerings and Workshops 

AEA’s Professional Development Series offers members the chance to learn and meet others and collaborate around their professional work. 



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AEA Offerings
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