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Strong Schools, Strong Communities, Strong Economy

There is no better taxpayer investment than public education. Strong public schools create strong communities and a strong economy. Voters understand this, as evidenced by their willingness to tax themselves in the middle of a recession to protect our public schools from budget cuts.

Arizona can unite around a balanced approach to our economic challenges that results in competitive tax rates and public investment in infrastructure. Our fiscal system is out of balance due to 45 tax cuts since 1992. Our taxes are low and funding for schools and infrastructure is inadequate.  There is an opportunity to rebuild our revenue system so all Arizonans pay their fair share toward the schools and infrastructure we want.

AEA is joining with citizen leaders, business leaders, and taxpayers to find solutions. Through our work with the Arizona Coalition for Quality Education, the Arizona Business and Education Coalition, and others, we are working to build a consensus on how to restructure our taxes and invest in the schools we all want for our future. 

The Latest on Strong Schools
"Invitation to Business Leaders," President Andrew Morrill Op-ed Column, Arizona Republic  


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