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Arizona has cut over $1 billion from education funding every year since 2008. Arizona is ranked last or near the bottom in per-student funding and teacher salaries. This has led to historic teacher shortage and high class size. Arizona’s parents, community leaders, and business owners need to ask themselves what kind of schools do we want for our children and our future workforce and do your elected officials share your priorities around public education?

The campaign has three objectives:
  1. Prevent the Arizona Legislature and Governor from diverting revenue away from public schools through tax cuts, tax credits and vouchers.
  2. Provide immediate and significant public education funding (FY2018) focused on the needs of our public schools in Arizona as follows:
    a.  Increase school employee salaries in order to sustain a workforce of qualified teachers with competitive compensation and support.
    b. Provide critical tools for classrooms with supplies and updated textbooks and technology.
    c. Fund school building maintenance and repair to give students safer, clean and functional places to learn.
  3. Identify a strategy and constituency coalition to provide midterm and long-term funding resources for Arizona Public Schools.

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